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    I am using revit 09, i need to tag my floor levels (both Structural slab lvl and finished floor lvl) and i need to tag my false ceiling lvl in floor plan. I tried with spot elevation for floor slab lvl i am able to get FFl but i don’t know how to add prefix (FFL) to it and i also don’t know how to bring SSL (Structural slab Lvl as i said before!! And i need box around my tags (please refer attachment). For false ceiling i am drawing a line by underlying false ceiling plan and locking with my ceiling but don’t know how to bring the level for false ceiling in floor plan. For Time being i am using everything as text............please help me to solve this issue.
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    You are not going to get them into one tag that provides both slab levels. You may be able to create a custom spot elevation that provides a box, I have not tried that before. In order to get both levels, you'd have to model both floors/levels. I do not believe you can add shared parameters to this tag, that would "calculate" the structural slab from the finished level, or visa-versa.

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    You can do the box by editing the label used, but certainly not get both heights at once.

    I am alos battling to get SSL when the floor is modeled with finish. A formula referencing FFL seems impossible and there is no other way I can find to reference top of structure allthough the floor itself makes the destinction.

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