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Thread: AutoCAD 2010 Tool Palettes

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    Default AutoCAD 2010 Tool Palettes

    Hi All:

    I've just moved on to AutoCAD 2010 from 2008 and my tool palettes .xtp's have been changed. The file names now have additional characters added to the original file name eg: Components_415D93B4-3A0A-4300-AD7C-86336E658548.atc was once Components.xtp. When I try to customize the palettes and import my palette AutoCAD looks for a .xtp file so I cannot import the now changed file. I then tried changing it back to its original file name with the .xtp ending and then try to import but AutoCAD replies "The file you have selected is not a valid palette definition file."

    Further to this I keep these custom palettes on the server, so when I loaded 2010 it made these changes there over the network, not just on my own desktop.

    Any ideas why this is happening and what I should to to get my palettes to import?


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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2010 Tool Palettes

    atc files are a sorta delimited text file with instructions for acad on pathways for a pallette. They must have changed how the basic pallette system works. I would suggest rebuilding your pallettes in 2010 and then following the instructions for sharing them with other users. It will be easier to rebuild it than to try to make it work again from an older version. Hope you didn't have to many of them.

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    Default Re: AutoCAD 2010 Tool Palettes

    I was able to create a new blank toolpalette.atc file, open it with notepad and paste the contents of a 2009 palette into it and it worked. Also, i created a new toolpalette.atc file by renaming a blank text document, paste the header from another toolpalette file into it, and it appears to work without all the extra characters in the name of the palette. I haven't added any elements to this palette yet but it shows up in the program just fine.

    here is the contents of my blank tool palette User.atc

    <Palette FileRevision="18.0.0" Revision="18.0.1" option="0"><ItemID idValue="{00000000-FA09-46C8-A29D-D67FD2F6DD54}"/><Properties><ItemName>User</ItemName><Images option="0"/><Time createdUniversalDateTime="2009-06-29T19:53:59" modifiedUniversalDateTime="2009-06-29T19:53:59"/></Properties><CustomData><Translation status="1"/></CustomData><Source/><Tools/></Palette>

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