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Thread: Importing Sketchup files to Revit and asigning render materials

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    Default Re: Importing Sketchup files to Revit and asigning render materials

    I have seen the question of how to bring a SketchUp model into Revit asked on several sites. The inevitable response from some Revit user is "Why?"

    Given the strengths of SketchUp as a conceptual design tool it seems only natural to want to leverage these strengths by porting what has been accomplished in SketchUp to the best available tool for design development and construction documentation, which is Revit.

    The respondants to the question point out that they are able to accomplish in Revit anything that can be done in SketchUp. When one searches Google images for SketchUp and conceptual design, the results are myriad. Changing the search terms to Revit and conceptual design yields results mainly from Autodesk promotional pieces and their duplication on various sites.

    If there is a question that ought to be asked, it is why this should be so.
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    Default Re: Importing Sketchup files to Revit and asigning render materials


    Welcome to the forums.

    I think you may misunderstand why some of us keep asking that question in return, when faced with the question of importing sketchup models.

    You *CAN* import a sketchup model, and head several ways with it, depending on what you want to do with it. If its just for show, you can manage its rendering aspects somewhat successfully through the Imported Objects dialogue. If you want it to TURN IN to Revit objects, you can import it in to a mass family, and Wall by/Roof By/whatever,

    What a lot of us have found- however- is not solely a Revit limitation, but is basically a limitation anytime you mix more than one medium together. Things dont respect "replace" or "remove" the way they do "alter." So you have to methodically go bck to sketchup to edit the masses, hoping to reimport them in to masses to have them updatable for geometry done with Building Maker. Same with rendering materials.

    I guess the reason i answer "dont bother," is for me its not about "can i use the skethcup model," but its about "can i use the sketchup model and be more efficient." If i cant, i can just rebuild it. The myriad of times ive tried, it was faster to remodel it in Revit.

    If we disagree on Revits usefulness in SD or concept, all is well. But for what its worth, we love Sketchup for its artistic flair (though in house we argue about the validity of that flair. I find it useless, but i concede that some people here love it.) So we actually DO our concept and SD in Revit, then export out to SU just for the goofy image filters, LOL.
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