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Thread: archstyle font

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    Default archstyle font

    how do i make the text font archstyle? i have archstyle on my computer (i use it for autocad)...but i just cant seem to find it on revit.

    thank you!

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    Default Re: archstyle font

    Is it a .shx or .ttf? If it is .shx then it will only work with AutoCAD and you will have to substitute a ttf font for it in Revit.

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    Default Re: archstyle font

    this seems to be a regular request for Autocad users starting to use Revit and so I guess it is a popular font (I've never used Autocad and so I'm not sure of the exact style of this font)

    While I did come across this site which seems to offer an archstyle.ttf equivalent for $50 (but would you trust a site selling fonts which has such appalling spelling on it ?

    there is this apparently free one which I use for that handwritten look to notes, in Revit

    There are some other 'handwritten' fonts around as well if that one does not suit.

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