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Thread: REVIT 2010 - dwglink layer management?

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    Default REVIT 2010 - dwglink layer management?

    If I link a drawing into 2010 to use as a background, can I turn on and off layers? I would like to do that so I can de-clutter the areas in which I want to use it as a base for layout of walls etc. But then I would like to turn them back on later. I see under the import instance tab there is a Delete Layers, and Query option but no on/off or freeze/thaw. Also I cannot use the normal temporary hide/isolate tool as it will only select the whole dwglinked file. Thanks for any advice.

    Regards Peter

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    Default Re: REVIT 2010 - dwglink layer management?

    Under View Graphics ( VG ) you can select DWG layers in the Imported Catergories tab.

    These will switch off / on etc but only for that view.

    If we are using a DWG for background only, we tend to copy the file, clean it up in ACAD
    and then import it as a link.

    This way what you import is what you get, no switching on and off etc.

    Hope this hepls.

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    Default Re: REVIT 2010 - dwglink layer management?

    Hit query | Select a line in the Linked DWG | It will show you the stats of the line/layer | Select Hide in View.

    All that is really doing is going in to the VV/VG dialogue and going under Imported Objects and unchecked certain layers, which is another way you can do it...

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    Default Re: REVIT 2010 - dwglink layer management?

    Just beware, Any layers you do "turn off in a few" seem to turn back on when the view in Revit is exported back out to a DWG file. We have clients that want a set of "bound" DWG files at the end of the project, but yhou need to be aware of this issue.

    We create a copy of the DWG, and delete any information and layers that we won't want exported back out to a DWG.

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