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Thread: Fascia Joins

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    Default Fascia Joins

    Why is that Revit can handle fascia joins on the downward slope end of a roof to horizontal connection properly but the upper slope end doesn't join??

    Anyone have a solution AKA "work-around"??

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello BAtman. I work in AUtoCAD. About the second attachment,I use the line which I made with a 3dpoly command for a pass. The section becomes a solid with a sweep command. I think that there is a similar function in Revit Architecture.

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    Default Re: Fascia Joins

    Hi there.
    It seams that there are two facias in that corner. It won't work, it should be one facia for proper joining.
    Оr You picked wrong line during facia making.
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    Default Re: Fascia Joins

    see attached example.
    revit can handle the seamless joining OK (although this tool does have very limited functionality unforunately).
    Several things need to be true.
    The roof plane or planes need to be co-planar in the sense of one geometry, for the automatic joining of fascia and/or gutter runs.
    You can get 2 separate roofs that need to meet at some point - (see 2nd image where a small new gable end had to be joined into extg truss roof and the eave / soffit had to be aligned (in reality, the existing trusses to this area remained in place and the new ones bear upon them).
    Here The new work is a separate piece of roof geometry positioned to suit the soffit and the fascia runs were stopped in the internal corner, and returned as were the gutter sections and these aligned and joined correctly even though, they are not part of the same roof geometry.

    All the alignments need to be the same and the selection edge of course must be the same however, this will work.
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    Default Re: Fascia Joins

    The fascia I have created is a "single" element.

    I have tested several different scenarios and there are no real problems with the fascia tool, except for the situation where an upward pointing fascia ends at the top of a slope and then any horizontally abutting fascia needs to meet it. As I have shown in my pictures above the join does not occur.

    This is peculiar because it works in the reverse, which is essentially a similar situation. That is where the downward pointing end of the fascia at the bottom end of a slope meets and joins any horizontally abutting fascia.

    This problem can be replicated in any Revit version.

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