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    Default Array Dynamic Block

    I'm trying to create a dynamic block with an array function and the ability to stretch in between the spaces, in the array, confused or what?
    For example, I already have a symbol of a 1800mm luminaire (see attached) and I would like to be able to array the symbol and then stretch it to fit, say a corridor with the distances between evely spaced.

    I have attached a dwg showing luminaire symbols spaced evenly in a corridor with the distance between the symbol centres twice that of the end distances.

    Is it possible to do this with dynamic blocks?

    Thank You
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    Default Re: Array Dynamic Block

    Please note I have moved this thread from the Dynamic Blocks - Sharing forum to this one, as I believe it will be better served here.


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    Here is a quick example of how to array in two opposite directions while keeping everything centered. Please note that you will have to have two objects on top of each other to achieve this as once you array an object, you cannot use another array action on it.

    I have also included an offset option that will permit you to locate the center object in the center of the block or offset from the center.

    Now, if you ALWAYS want to have the outside dimensions to be half the dimensions between your objects, you may not be able to get exactly what you want. Once you set a distance for the Array action, you cannot change it outside of the block or on a block by block basis. Once you have set a distance in the Array action, that is the only distance you can use.

    Note: I create the block with a circle as the object so that you can study it and apply it to what you want to do.

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