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Thread: HSS Column Connections

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    What is the best way to model HSS Column to HSS Beam connections. I don't seem them in any of the drop down menus.

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    Depends the connection type.
    There's like a 1000 ways to connect them, it depends on what connection style you're using. thru plate, WT, Single shear tab, double shear tab, or moment weld, slip connection.......they go on and on.
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    I must be missing something then. I modeled a HSS column and a HSS Beam, and then tried to add any connection to it, it didn't matter what type. Every connection I picked gave me an error message when I picked the column saying invalid input type. Here is a detail of a possible connection.
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    Take a look at the *.zip file (with dwg).
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    Default Re: HSS Column Connections

    Hi, i'm new to ASD and I have a related question. In my office our typical connection is a knife plate through an HSS which will receive a bolted connection to Wx beam for example. For the life of me I cannot find out how to simply SLOT the top of an HSS such that it will accomodate this knife plate. I can use the "FIT TO OBJECT" command such that the hss will 'void out' the zone of the knife plate, but I want the slot to go all the way to the shop since that is how the slot will be constructed in real life.
    Does anyone have suggestions? maybe my workflow is wrong? Tips anyone?

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    Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and generate drawings from your HSS beam assembly. So the real question is how did you do it. Did you use one of the predefined connection macros? If not did you input all the piece and manually create an assembly? If so how did the weld information get stored with the angle parts.
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    I did not use a macro. I did it manually, believe me it’s easy. It took me 1 minute. When I welded my clip angle with the column I had defined a type of weld as a site. The clip angle and beam were connected with a workshop weld. The assembly was created automatically by the software (due to the workshop weld).

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    Got it. Thanks a bunch.

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