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Thread: Audit/Purge - Local/Central File

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    Default Audit/Purge - Local/Central File

    In the event that the Audit or Purge option needs to be performed in Revit, should they be done while in a local file or should you open the central and do it?

    If you purge from the Central file do those who have a local file need to create a new local file?

    Thank You

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    Cool Re: Audit/Purge - Local/Central File

    1. First--check with everyone on the team before purging.

    2. Once you have approval, open the Central and click Audit. Note file size.

    3. After it opens, go to Manage>Purge Unused and Purge.

    4. Then Synchronize to Central, and compact.

    5. Close Revit and then Open the Central file again, note file size difference.
    Click Create New Local.

    6. Then have all team members follow step 5.

    Cliff B. Collins, Registered Architect / BIM Specialist
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    Default Re: Audit/Purge - Local/Central File

    You'll also want to verify that you've relinquished all your worksets. Detaching from Central file will check them all out to you.

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