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    I have created a half dozen camera views and I am trying to apply a view scale to these views. I do not need it to be a certain scale per se, but I do need the views to fit to a 34x44 sheet when plotted. When I place the views on the sheet, they are small. Changing the crop boundaries obviously only increases the angle of view and adds more information to the view. I need to keep my crop boundary the same and simply increase the scale. I noticed that when you uncheck 'perspective' when placing the camera you are given the view scale. You are not given this option when creating perspective views.

    Is there a way to make perspective views print larger on the sheet?

    EDIT: Found the answer. In the perspective view, you simply click the crop boundary, then on the modify tab click "size crop" and you can change how big the view is when placed on the sheet.
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    You're correct, when placing a camera to create a perspective view there is no view scale that can be modified. What I would recommend is placing the perspective view onto the sheet. Once placed, activate the view and then using your Steering Wheel, and use your Zoom control to enlarge or shrink as needed. If you're using the Full Navigation Steering Wheel, you can also experiment with Walk, Look, Up/Down.

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    After you've placed the view on a sheet, select the viewport, then select the "Size Crop" button change the "Change" option from "Field of View" to "Scale (locked proportions)" then simply set each viewport to be the same size.

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