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    Default Numerous hollow metal door/window configurations - WWAD?

    What would AUGI do?

    I'm drawing an existing building with NUMEROUS different hollow metal storefront door and frame configurations. I've been making them out of curtain wall storefronts for now, but it doesn't really look right in elevation since H.M. mullions typically appear seamless when finished. Trying to create a family for every single different configuration would take many hours that I don't have at this point.

    Is there any other way or am I doing it the best way?

    Sure would be nice if curtain wall mullions had the option of seamless intersections.
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    Default Re: Numerous hollow metal door/window configurations - WWAD?

    I always think about issues like this in the context of hand drafting. How would this look if I were hand drafting it? Depending on the context of the work involved, I highly doubt that anyone would go to the trouble of drawing existing door frames in any view unless the existing frame had an impact on the design or new work. Does the contractor really need to see the existing frames? Or are you doing quantity takoffs/scheduling for painting or hardware work?
    That being said, if you are destined to model the frames, I think you are on the right track with the curtain walls. If there is no work happening to the existing frame, the small mullion intersect lines should not cause any confusion in the field.

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