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Thread: "Revit can't do that....." series part 1

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    Default "Revit can't do that....." series part 1

    I'll be posting in the coming weeks a few samples of geometry that is easy to create in other 3d software, but extremely difficult, if not impossible to do in Revit. These posts are not intended to bash Revit, but to discuss workarounds and discover new possibilities.

    First example: the glazed roof of Britisch Museum in London done by Foster and Partners.

    In Autocad (see attachment) or rhino, you can create this roof by lofting 3 profiles. Doing the same procedure in Revit will end up in an error. So you will need to move the inner profile above the second profile before moving the inner profile back to its original position. However, even so, you get an undesirable shape (see attachment).

    Anyone knows how to do this in 2 minutes?

    here is a pdf link to the roof structure
    Attached Images Attached Images

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