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    Default Mouse Center Roller wheel - doesn't "PAN" anymore

    My mouse center roller wheel doesnt' PAN anymore when I click and hold down the wheel. I am wondering if anyone knows how to reset default settings and/or reset the wheel.

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    Default Re: Mouse Center Roller wheel - doesn't "PAN" anymore

    I usually have to go into the control panel and make sure the mouse wheel is set to "middle button" in order for panning to work. HTH.
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    Default Re: Mouse Center Roller wheel - doesn't "PAN" anymore

    Have you checked the "Mbuttonpan" sysvar?
    Set to 1 should use the middle button as a pan option
    Set to 0 gives you the old osnap pop-up.
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    Default Re: Mouse Center Roller wheel - doesn't "PAN" anymore

    We turn off the scrollbars to fix it when all else fails.
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