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Thread: Link 3D AutoCAD geometry into Revit

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    Default Link 3D AutoCAD geometry into Revit

    I need to link (or import) some complex conveyor belt systems into my Revit Architecture model. The consultant we're working with draws all the conveyor systems as 3D objects in AutoCAD. What I've tried so far, that seems to work best, is to start in Revit, go to File > Import/Link > CAD Formats, then select the DWG file. I select "link" in the Import/Link CAD Formats dialogue box, and leave the rest of the options at their default settings. After several moments the 3D geometry is imported, but I get a warning saying "Some ACIS objects could not be imported. To import them, use AutoCAD to convert them into polymesh objects and reimport." The result is pretty good, except that there are portions of the DWG file that are missing, which I assume are the problem objects from the DWG file.

    I tried using 3DSOUT in AutoCAD, then starting a new AutoCAD drawing and then importing the 3DS file (based on advice found in another thread)

    But the import didn't bring in any geometry. It was supposed to convert the 3D objects to solid geometry. Not being familiar at all with 3D objects in AutoCAD, how can I make this work?

    I'm using AutoCAD 2008 and Revit Architecture 2009. No possibility to upgrade at this time, so any suggested solutions that work with these versions would be very helpful.
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    Default Re: Link 3D AutoCAD geometry into Revit

    I have been going thru a similar thing and found that from w/ in Revit, on the INSERT ribbon, there is the IMPORT CAD item.
    it imports everything in the file you point it to.
    For the conveyor i imported, i have the "structure" itself that came thru, it's just the rendering aspects that are not right. Meaning, everything is system green and i can seem to change it, so far.
    But anyway, the IMPORT did work.
    Hope that helps

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    Default Re: Link 3D AutoCAD geometry into Revit

    not that this answers your questions, but I would suggest importing your CAD file into a Revit Family and then loading the revit family into your model..why?
    1. Your family is then on the correct category
    2. Revit seems to show 3d CAD objects better when in a family: it gets the cut plane correct etc whereas if linking a 3d CAD model directly into your project the cutplane quite often is incorrect.
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    Default Re: Link 3D AutoCAD geometry into Revit

    In AutoCAD, export your file as an autocad file, then when you link it into revit, it will show all ACIS Objects

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