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    When linking an Excel Spreadsheet to AutoCAD 2010, do you have to change the format of the text in Excel for it to come in at the correct scale in CAD?

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    With OLE objects AutoCAD knows nothing about scale. It only knows the size of the bounding box. Everything inside that is handled by xl. The concept of OLE is that a container object delegates all actions to the linked object. You can increase the 'scale' in acad by making the box bigger. To 'zoom' in, select fewer cells in xl.

    Unless you are talking about linking a table to xl? In that case, only the data is obtained from xl and table formatting is controled through normal table formatting.
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    If it is the table thingy (not OLE) and you pasted a link with As AutoCAD entities, then it usually comes in with some of Excel's formatting (usually WRONG). You'll need to modify the link with the DATALINK command and edit the pasted Excel link (warning it's SLOOOOW). Do some testing on which settings make for best format.
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