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Thread: Wall dew point calculation

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    Default Wall dew point calculation

    Is there a way to calculate the dew point in a wall assembly?
    If a wall is made up of individual materials with a given thickness, and I create a R-Value parameter that I can assign to materials, walls, roofs, etc, is there a way to calculate the total R-value of the wall to determine the dew point location?
    I know I need to add the formula to determine where the dew point occurs in the wall assembly. What I can't figure out how to do take each material that makes up a wall type and its corresponding R-value and calculate each portion and add together as a complete assembly.

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    Default Re: Wall dew point calculation

    I saw a demonstration put on by Dupont (makers of Tyvek) that did exactly what you're talking about. It stepped through a bunch of different wall material layer configurations and let you pick the best one for your situation, then changed the wall type in Revit to that type.
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