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Thread: One Room Not Visible

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    Default Re: One Room Not Visible

    Had the same problem, many rooms would not display.

    Found the "Limit offset" by mistake was 32000mm instead of 3200mm and the room will not display correct if it collides with one or more rooms on other floor levels.

    The sollution was to set up a schedule with room data incl. "Limit offset" and simply go through all of them to correct the height.

    Hope this information can help some of you out there


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    Default Re: One Room Not Visible

    I'm relatively new to Revit, and had a similar problem today, but with visibility of a room in a section view.

    The problem was that unlike the other rooms that were visible in the section, the offending room was not bounded by walls. It was visible and could be tagged in plan, and I had set the limit and base offsets correctly in properties, but it was not visible in section.

    It seems like the solution is to not use floating "unbounded" rooms, in order to see the room in section. (my excuse for using an unbounded room: this particular "room" is an industrial tank linked from another model, and I wanted control over naming of the "room" for my tag. In an ideal world rooms would be coordinated across disciplines, but no time on this project.)

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