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Thread: Object Snap Between Two Points

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    Default Object Snap Between Two Points

    Summary: Provide an Object Snap option for the midpoint between two selected points.

    Description: SNAP BETWEEN TWO POINTS!! How much longer do we have to draw stupid annotation guide lines just to get a mid point, then delete them??? INSANE !!

    How Used: Liberally, intensely, frequently, often, much, abundantly, mostly. I know you guys get sick of people like me, but you know I'm right.

    Feature Affinity: Edit (Array/Move/Mirror/Copy/Cut/Paste)

    Submitted By: Rick Bulic on September 9, 2010

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    Default Re: Object Snap Between Two Points

    100% agree - could even have other increments too, ie. 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, custom etc... how hard can it be? Archicad has had a button for this in the element properties bar since version 6!

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    Default Re: Object Snap Between Two Points

    For 12 years I worked with a mainframe CAD system that had an amazing array of snaps. Just about every key on the keyboard was a snap.

    How about snap to 0,0,0? (zero key, of course)
    How about a user-defined snap, like the center of the project?
    The insertion point of an object?
    Offset from the point selected?

    The user defined snap can be used to insure accuracy for difficult to find points. Let's call it the constant point. I worked on a huge arc-shaped building. The center of the arc was several thousand feet away. Over time, the users on the team, determining the center graphically, had created a "farm" of centerpoints all near the theoretical center, but none quite correct. The ability to set a correct center and a key to select it would have prevented this result. The work-around is to place a marker at the point and select the marker. But that requires the marker to be on screen. Being so far away, a redraw is required. It is also prone to inadvertant relocation. The constant point snap works in any view, so you can snap to the point even from a close-up view without changing the view.
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