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    Default Stair Breaks

    Hi All,

    Having some grief with stairs and showing breaks in plan view. The break shows fine in the 'basement' view and breaks out the stairs over but the 'ground' view does not allow me to break out the stairs below.

    Is there a reason for this?? Am I missing some fundamental issue here?

    BTW, i am a bit of a green noob on revit still but our main tech gut didn't know how to fix tis either...

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    Default Re: Stair Breaks

    Unfortunately that is just how Revit shows stairs under it will not break the stair based on your view range for stairs under, only for stairs over

    You will need to use a combination of masking regions and linework to achieve a breakline for the stair over.

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    Default Re: Stair Breaks

    I would say it's to do with your view range, at a glance. Hard to be sure without taking a look inside your project itself.

    Try altering the view range (through view properties) in your ground floor view.
    Alter the top & btm cut planes, and see if that changes anything for you, I would think that it will.

    Secondly, go into your VG setting of that ground plan, and check that under the "stairs" tab you have turned on and off the appropriate things. Eg turn off hidden lines, stringers beyond cut etc.

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    Default Re: Stair Breaks

    I agree with Ben. You will not get it to look the way you want even if you drop the cut plane or put in a plan region and change its view depths. The best you can get is by using a breakline and masking regions. (I typically put them all in a group by themselves so they are easily able to be manipulated.) Also, if you choose to try a plan region don't forget the entire stair has to be inside the boundary or it wont work.

    Good luck

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