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    Default Printing to KIP Plotters, Font or Image Issues

    An issue with the KIP Windows drivers v3.165 and below, has been identified.

    There are two major symptoms:
    1. Images randomly may not plot
    2. Fonts plot with slight to extreme loss of quality

    The first issue can usually be corrrected by switching the KIP Script output format.

    The second issue arises while using the KIP Script output format with models that have linked DWG files. A few very small linked DWG files might be ok, but at some point the KIP driver struggles to produce the plots and the text on the plots will start changing appearance on a letter-by-letter basis. This appears to be a memory issue with the driver.

    A temporary work-around is to download an HP driver capable of Postscript (for eaxmple, the DesignJet Z6100ps), create a printer using that driver, and assign that printer to the KIP plotter's printer port in Window's Printer dialog box.
    R. Robert Bell
    Design Technology Manager
    Opinions expressed are mine alone and do not reflect the views of Stantec.

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    Default Re: Printing to KIP Plotters, Font or Image Issues

    Thanks for the heads up. Now if I could figure out a way to make Kip Script the default, I'd be a happy camper. We waste too many plots with KIP GL because our titleblock logo (raster image) fails to plot.

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