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Thread: Beveled take-off

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    Default Beveled take-off

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a 45 degree beveled take-off for my ductwork? I know they have one in the default families but it doesn't seem to do what I want it to do. Anyone know what I"m talking about?


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    Default Re: Beveled take-off

    You need to load the family to make sure it's available. File - Load from Library - Load Family and select the following fitting:

    Duct\Fittings\Rectangular\Taps\M-Rectangular Duct Tap - Bevelled.rfa

    Back the drawing board and draw a rectangular duct, then check its Element Properties. Click Edit/New in the Element Properties Dialogue box.

    Under the mechanical parameter you'll see about 8 options. Make sure your 'Preferred Junction Type' is Tap

    Then go to the Tap parameter and click the value to the right of it. You'll get a little drop down list where you should see M-Rectangular Duct Tap - Bevelled : Standard. That's the one you just loaded.

    Select this and hit OK twice. Next time you draw a branch into a main, you should get a 45 degree shoe.

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    Default Re: Beveled take-off

    I think I know that fitting. I call it a 45° Lead in. But anyhow, it does not exist. Ive heard that the rect. to round takeoff to show intent, and use a standard detail. This didnt sound right to me. I have made one, but there are issues with it, buggy. It wont align to the ductwork, and offsets itself. This has been a headache, as there doesnt seem to be anyone outside of autodesk making fittings, and they have yet to go through the SMACNA standards and complete the full list of fittings. If you look through my post, Im sure the fitting is still there.

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