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Thread: Cable Tray - Hatch Patterns

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    Default Cable Tray - Hatch Patterns

    We just rolled out Revit MEP 2011 and I have a quick question about the new cable tray feature. Is there a way to apply a hatch pattern to the surface, or modify the material? I see that they're system families, so the "edit-ability" is limited. We currently use a custom made family that looks great on the drawings, but cumbersome to use. The new command would work great if we could only add a surface pattern to it.

    I would appreciate the advice. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Cable Tray - Hatch Patterns

    You can use a Filter to find the cable tray then apply a surface pattern to it, finding all sizes greater than zero would get them all.
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    Default Re: Cable Tray - Hatch Patterns

    Can you please explain how exactly you assign hatch patterns to cable tray in revit(step by step), i am new to revit previously we did our projects in AutoCAD now we are moving to revit. attached is the cable tray hatch i want to assign to my cable tray with red color.



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    Default Re: Cable Tray - Hatch Patterns

    The easiest way to begin with is to use filters.

    Go to Visibility Graphics and the filters tab.

    Create a new filter for cable trays AND fittings with whatever filter you want to aply (say service type = power)

    For this filter you can add a pattern for the projection/ surface, including any colouring you want.

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