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Thread: Is Revit For Me?

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    Default Is Revit For Me?

    Hi All,

    Here is a list of threads from the past year or so that answer the question , in part, or in spirit, "Is Revit Right For Me?"

    The questions have been put forth in differing contexts, such as "Why Should I Switch?",
    "Revit vs. "XYZ", or even questions from newbies wondering about Revit's framing tools, etc.

    I have included the thread title, then the link, plus a short synopsis of the content.

    Here you are, and we'll start with a thread everyone considering Revit needs to view:

    "Archicad 9" (added 5 Jan 2005)
    A comparative look at the two competing BIM's, including an
    in-depth essay regarding parametric bi-associvity within Revit,
    by one of the program's founders, Leonid Raiz.

    "Revit At The Movies"
    A simply amazing example of what this program has been/is capable of doing.

    "Help Me Evaluate Revit For My Boss!"
    Great title, and a great thread that covers many concerns and aspects of the program.

    "Revit Users"
    A quick reply testimonial given by some of our regulars answering the call for opinions regarding the program..

    "Opinions On Revit .... Moving From AutoCAD 2004 - Revit A Good Idea?"
    Lots of questions and answers here; don't forget the "Revit Series" option.

    "Revit And Residential?"
    A comprehensive discussion about residential architecture and Revit. This thread also contains numerous links regarding the subject title, some of which appear in this list, researched by our very own BeeGee

    "Revit Question (Need Feedback)"
    This discussion addresses new user concerns utilizing legacy cad data and XRef's in
    a daily workflow environment. Good discourse and responses.

    "Is Anyone Actually Modelling Framing?"
    Sticks And Steel...

    "Can Revit Do This?
    A deep discussion on complex geometry and Revit...The short answer is "Yes it can".

    "Call to Arms (Which one? Revit or Archicad?)"
    Some "Big Guns" fired salvos at this topic.

    "Need Help Against Archicad"
    Subtle it's not, but a good testimony regarding the ongoing debate.

    "We Love Revit"
    Glowing re-affirmations of our commitment to our beloved tool of choice.

    "Revit or ADT With VisionRez?"
    Quick, and to the point.

    "Revit vs. ADT"
    A more in depth discussion regarding the sibling competitors.

    "Revit Or Archicad"
    Another lively debate including perspectives from both camps.

    Multi-Discipline, Inter-Office Collaboration
    A great discussion involving long distance collaboration.

    "Revit & Freedom Tower"
    Here is the thread that let the world know what many already knew; that this program can do anything, and more...Do a keyword search for more results on this amazing topic.

    "Revit for UK Drawings and Construction"
    A worldly discourse.

    "New User - Firm Pondering ADT To Revit Switch"
    The name says it all...

    "Revit With Large Projects?"
    Answers to this question that show what Revit has always been capable of doing.
    Nice links to interesting projects/renderings.

    "Hardware Requirements For Big Projects"
    Hardware and server speeds enforced here.

    "Question For ADT Converts [Others Too, I Suppose]"
    Vintage Revit testimony, true today as it was in December of 2003.
    Good reading on how many of our "old-schoolers" got going in Revit.

    "How Do You Really Use Revit?"
    More testimony, and another source of fine renderings/examples by some of our finest .


    This list is by no means complete, as there are literally thousands of threads one could cull through, but hopefully this will get you looking in the right direction. Also, if any of you regular's know of a good link to a bygone thread worthy of mention, please feel free to
    make it known!


    Bill Cooper
    Meridian Design Studio
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    Default Re: Is Revit For Me?

    It has been about a year since this thread was originated, so I thought an update would be nice (December 2005).

    There have been allot of stimulating and interesting debates regarding the issue raised in the title of this thread, and it seems the complexity of the arguments has grown along with the diversity and size of the user base. But at the same time, we have seen the program mature and make great strides in the past year. In the end, it is up to you to decide which program is right for you and your firm, and I hope this compendium helps setting you in the right direction.

    Dont forget that most of the earlier threads are just as salient and informative today as they were a year ago.



    Revit vs Archicad
    The battle rages on...

    To Revit or Not To Revit
    A great discussion on organic modeling and limits/no limits in Revit.

    ADT or Revit Structural
    No deflection here.

    Building From Massing Model
    A great example that the Building Maker can!

    How And When To Use Revit
    A very lively debate that speaks directly to some long standing misunderstandings/misrepresentations of Revit's capabilities, as well as some good old fashion user passion on upscale designer architecture.

    Revit Not For High-End Architecture?
    A heated debate on "Starchitects" and Revit's
    capabilities vs. it's perceived limitations (dispelled again!)

    Revit: What Are We Paying For?
    There are 2 sides to all coins, but both will polish nicely if you only take the time.

    "CAD Management" And Revit
    What the future might hold for "BIM Managers"

    Revit, Pulling It All Together...
    This thread expounds on Revit's accuracy and ends in a
    lively conversation on ADT and Revit, with some pretty heavy hitters weighing in.

    Revit Is Being Challenged
    A discussion on FormZ vs. Revit. Interesting read here.

    Does Revit Qualify As A BIM?
    Is the sky blue?

    S.O.M. Standardizes FT On Revit
    Great discussion on how this large, world class firm is implementing and dealing with Revit.

    Revit Goes To School
    Teach the students well...

    I Use Revit Because...
    Truth in Testimonials

    Help Convincing Others
    A great argument thread for those faced with selling Revit to those with a jaundiced eye.

    So, Does AutoDesk LIKE Revit, Or Not?
    Quelling the debate on the future of ADT and Revit,
    with a surprise visit from the CEO of Autodesk.

    Revit or ADT With VisionREZ
    Like the title says...

    About Revit Modeling
    A deep discussion of "amorphous forms" and Revit
    (And a good example of why not to make claims against something you really do not know)

    What Do You Think The Future Holds?
    A very gusty discussion relating to ADT vs. Revit found in the AUGI ADT Forum with a stunner of a user poll
    (considering it took place outside the Revit Forum).

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