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Thread: 3d orbit in 3d views and origin

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    Default 3d orbit in 3d views and origin

    Hello all,

    I am just wondering: does the position of the Survey Point have any impact
    on the pivot point of 3D orbit in 3d views. It looked like it didn't but now I have
    a model that doesn't go to plan view in 3D and my doubts are growing on this topic.

    Also, is there any way to "select" objects that are outside a selection window?

    This way I could erase a damn line or object that might cause the problem?
    thanks in advance for your reply!


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    Default Re: 3d orbit in 3d views and origin

    well... I just found out that obviously it doesn't have any impact on the orbit!

    It was a damn dwg imported by someone else in the office
    and I could only find it while wandering in a 3d view!

    watch the dwgs when your orbit goes crazy!

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    Default Re: 3d orbit in 3d views and origin

    FYI, you can control the point the orbit pivots around by selecting an object in the view. If an element is selected then the view will spin around that object as its center point. If nothing is selected then Revit uses the extents of all all visible objects. This is particularly handy when you are zoomed in closely on one end of a large project.

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    Default Re: 3d orbit in 3d views and origin

    Thanks Dimitri,
    yes I did know that, and it's useful.

    Just sometimes, you know, you unconsciously do it "normally"
    with the scroll key on the mouse..


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    Default Re: 3d orbit in 3d views and origin

    And, in answer to your other question, there really isn't a clean way to select everything outside a box.
    But there is a trick that might work.
    • Zoom WAY out
    • Select everything with a box from right to left
    • Hold the SHIFT key down and select the visible graphics with a box from left to right
    What that doe is to (hopefully) select everything with the first box. Then you unselect the stuff you can see with the second box. The trick is that the second box only removes things that are completely inside the box. If there is a stray line floating around outside that second box, it will remain selected & you can do with it what you wish.
    One more trick I like to use. Once you've done the selection boxes, use the "Isolate Element" tool (the eyeglasses at the bottom of the screen.) to temporarily hide the rest of the stuff. Makes it easier to figure out what's cause your problems, because there is likely to be something still showing that you do NOT want to erase.
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