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Thread: How can I create floors on Revit 2011?

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    Default How can I create floors on Revit 2011?

    Hi everybody,
    Can someone post a link about how to create a new floor level on revit architecture 2011? I'm still new to the program, and having some difficulties creating a new floor for my building.


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    Default Re: How can I create floors on Revit 2011?

    A new Level is best created from an Elevation View.
    On the Home Tab, about 3/4 of the way to the right, is an icon labeled "Level".

    May I recommend Dan Stine's book "Commercial Design using Revit Architecture"?
    Does a great job of getting you going in Revit. I use it for a class I teach.
    Go back to AutoCAD? I'd rather lose my right arm!

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