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Thread: Getting your head around Revit's 2012 materials

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    Default Getting your head around Revit's 2012 materials

    It was time to dig in. The help files didn't help; but the coffee might have. Hope this helps someone understand this labyrinthine new dialog.

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    Default Re: Getting your head around Revit's 2012 materials

    I've published a little tutorial on Revitez!
    It's in french but you can try to use google translation.
    I hope it can help.
    Revitez !

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    Default Re: Getting your head around Revit's 2012 materials

    You seem to know somethings about the Revit Materials dialogue - maybe you can answer this: What is the colour picker under Generic for. I assumed it was intended to change the colour of material but I found that it has no effect whatsoever on the colour of the material. The Revit people couldn't be so stupid as to include a dummy function in professional software - there must be some use for it! This is really bugging me...

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