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Thread: Using Revit to Produce an FF&E Package

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    Default Using Revit to Produce an FF&E Package

    Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or know of any previous threads that cover how to use Revit 2011 and 2012 to develop an FF&E package?

    We already have the building modeled and it is in the construction phase. We would like to use this model and Revi'ts powerful databases to produce the FF&E package.

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    Default Re: Using Revit to Produce an FF&E Package

    It can be done. The last firm I was at did very extensive ff&e packages with Revit. They created a lot of type-in parameters for furniture schedules, manufacturer name, model, price, etc. Finish floor plans done by creating floor finishes with minimal thickness to lay on top of the floor slabs. Finish schedules, fixture schedule, live can all be done.

    We used the split face and paint tool for wall finishes, though some people don't care for that. It can be a little tricky and if a wall is modified you lose the applied material.

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    Default Re: Using Revit to Produce an FF&E Package

    This can be done with strict control of equipment schedules, efficient tagging, and using mulit-category schedules.
    I worked on a healthcare project where we provided the FF&E information for all the equipment. We also included what was to be provided by the contractor, what was provided by the client, and who provided the installation.

    We started this project in 2007 and faced a lot of challenges coordinating the information. Our scheduling techniques were not up to par, but I believe with a strong knowledge behind family creation and shared parameters, a lot of the information required in the schedules could be controled through the family types and avoid manually entering the information in the schedules.
    Floor finishes and patterns were created using a 2mm thick floor applied to the structural floor. Wall finishes were not painted on, but entered in tags using a North, South, East, West parameter in the finish schedule. (these were manually entered as creating wall types for each paint finish was not effective).

    Our FF&E drawings were included on the New Construction phase of the project and the visibility was controled through worksets (not the best way, but the easiet at the time for our team).

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    Default Re: Using Revit to Produce an FF&E Package

    Hey there,
    Simple answer.....yes.
    Finding what works for you.....harder.
    But, I like to say, Model it the way you build it. I do this for floor finishes, base and wall finishes.
    This way, they all schedule, tag and look good. Also, easier to edit with 'edit profile' if you want random angles, patterns and trim shapes.......
    Good luck
    Steven C. Shell, Architect
    Tucson, Arizona

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    Default Re: Using Revit to Produce an FF&E Package

    Quote Originally Posted by SCShell View Post
    But, I like to say, Model it the way you build it.
    I agree with modeling as you would build it. This works for floors and base. However, if I paint my walls, how do I tag that in plan? It works beautifully in an elevation view with material tags, but it is unrealistic to elevate every interior wall. Simply calling out paint in a schedule may not work either, since some rooms may have multiple paints/accent walls.

    Is this too big of a task for Revit? Do we need third-party software? I have been struggling with this for years and have not been able to come up with a nice, clean and fully automated BIM-way to do finishes.
    Robert A. van het Hof, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C
    Secretary/Treasurer, Chicago BIM Community (CBC)

    "BIM there, done that..."

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    Default Re: Using Revit to Produce an FF&E Package

    Its not unrealistic to elevate every elevation, thats the way I do it now. Its so quick to create an interior elevation, hover over with the material tag and your done. NO wasted time in schedules. Just create the elevations. Note you can also use a note if you only want to do one elevation per room, ie. All finishes in this room match elevation ____ unless noted otherwise.

    I wouldn't show in plan at all anymore, that was a convention used when you had to draft elevations manually, now that its a click, just go for it.
    Scott D. Brown, AIA
    Senior Project Manager | Associate


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