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Thread: Sweeps - Mitered Corners vs. Radiused Corners

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    Default Sweeps - Mitered Corners vs. Radiused Corners

    Became frustrated trying to get a sweep NOT to create a miter at a 90° corner and instead create a 90° arc that would be a quarter radius where the inside of the radius is the inside corner of the change in direction. (see attached). It won't work for a Chamfered corner either, where the Chamfer is 0 on the inside corner.

    It would be nice and easy if there was a "toggle" or check box to choose between "Miter" "Chamfer" or "Radius".

    The only way I could find to accomplish this was to create the initial Sweep with the unwanted miter, then create a void and remove the unwanted miter, then create a sweep of 90° in the spot you want it. The only problem with this is that the little fillet corner will not join to the original sweep. So annoying.
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    Default Re: Sweeps - Mitered Corners vs. Radiused Corners

    When you create the sweep, could you set your path to be along the outside edge of the profile with the radius drawn in the path itself?
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