I am currently working on my first “larger” Revit MEP project (although I have used Revit MEP on some smaller projects for practice so I feel I’m fairly comfortable with the software). Anyway, I’m working on a way to create a “Motor Starter & Disconnect Switch Schedule”. I have customized the out-of-the-box Autodesk disconnect switch family slightly for scheduling purposes, but I can’t get the desired effect – Perhaps it’s not even possible. What I’d like is as follows:
1. Mechanical engineer places a piece of mechanical equipment.
2. I (Electrical Engineer) places a disconnect switch adjacent (or even mounted) to the mechanical equipment.
3. I circuit the mechanical equipment to the disconnect switch, and then circuit the disconnect switch to the appropriate panel. Also, I manually place a homerun wire.
4. I manually size the breaker in the panel schedule based on the data sheet of the piece of mechanical equipment (is there a way for the breaker to be auto-sized by Revit?).
5. The feeder to the disconnect switch is sized according to the breaker size automatically (I can see this in the properties of the homerun wire from the disconnect switch).
6. Within the Motor Starter & Disconnect Switch Schedule, I’d like to see the wire size to the disconnect switch. Is this possible?
In general, how are all you electrical designers handling your Motor Starter & Disconnect Switch Schedule (or whatever your company calls it)?