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Thread: MEP tuturials

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    Default MEP tuturials

    I've tried going to classes and buying videos which are just classes on video.
    All these do is give me an idea (overview) of how to create ductwork and pipe.
    Their mantra "we'll get back to how that's done later" and later never comes
    Is there any publication out there with less than 800 pages?
    MEP for dummies perhaps?

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    Default Re: MEP tuturials

    Unfortunately there aren't a lot of choices out there for AutoCAD MEP. Even the "Certified Autodesk Courseware" developers don't have a book for AutoCAD MEP which boggles my mind. Your best bet is to find a reseller that can create a custom class for you that touches on specific topics you desire.

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    Default Re: MEP tuturials

    Yeah, don't get me started on the oversight of no mep content from major publishers.

    In addition to custom training, have you tried searching through the Autodesk University archives (they're still adding more content), as I know David Butts and Matt Dillon at a minimum have taught AutoCAD MEP classes at AU (because I've been a lab assistant in quite a few of them). They write really good tutorials.

    These links will contain RMEP as well as AMEP, so you'll have to search a bit...

    There might be a couple of tutorial-like articles in the library if you want to search there, too...

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    Default Re: MEP tuturials

    I have no direct experience with this book, since I am an architect and do not use the MEP tools, but given the author's track record in other books with which I am familiar, you may find AutoCAD MEP 2012, 2013 and Beyond by Paul Aubin, Darryl McClelland, Martin J. Schmid & Gregg Stanley of use. Unfortunately, it does exceed the original poster's request that it have less than 800 pages; but at 812, it does not exceed it by much. (The 2011 version only has 720 pages, but I imagine you would want the latest version.)
    David Koch

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