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Thread: Delete or Remove Imported Objects.

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    Default Delete or Remove Imported Objects.

    Summary: Ability to delete Imported Objects brought in from importing views and schedules from other project files.

    Description: Many times after inserting views from other Revit project files or transfering project standards, linked or imported AutoCAD drawings from the reference file appear in the Imported Objects tab in the Object Styles window of the new project. The layers of the Imported Objects can be removed (individually - this is also time consuming), but not the main Imported Objects that were never imported in the first place. The main Imported Objects can be removed using purge but the imported objects will not appear as a purgeable item unless I purge everything in the project.

    Product & Feature: Revit MEP

    Submitted: Mon, 10 Oct 2011

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    Default Re: Delete or Remove Imported Objects.

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    Default Re: Delete or Remove Imported Objects.

    It's sad that 5 years later and this is still a wishlist item

    For those having this same issue, I'm afraid you'll need a Revit addin, at least for now ... I use DWG Explorer which allows direct removal of imported objects from Object Styles and VG\Imported Categories. It also lets me quickly & visually locate imported cad files in their views to see if they are indeed obsolete.

    Just my personal preference, no affiliation here. Check similar apps to see which one suits you. There's one called "Purge" if I remember correctly which I used until my upgrade to Revit 2016 because it works only with 2015 or earlier.

    Really wish Revit would someday have a built-in button called "Manage Imported CAD"!!

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