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    Hello all,

    I'm fairly new to revit and i'm trying to use the section box tool in the properties menu to cut the building in pieces and get a better look.

    I'm in a 3-d view and when i check the box that says "section box", nothing happens. On other projects, when i did this, a purple box would surround the building and i could cut the building as i wished. However, for some reason its not having an effect. I've tried duplicating new 3-d views and creating brand new ones but it doesn't do anything. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated, thanks


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    The section box has two places to check to turn it on and off: 1) properties of the view, 2) Visibility Graphics/Annotation tab. So, maybe you are turning it on in the view properties, but not the VG.
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    The section box is hidden by default now for some reason. If you click the light bulb along the bottom view control bar it will be visible in red as a hidden item.
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