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Thread: What is your motivation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattw View Post
    How did you happen to get invited? I'm asking because I'd like to take part in it again if at all possible.
    I got an email, replied and got accepted. You & Adesk would definitely gain from your input and expertise. If it's something you want to do, than keep doing what your doing. I have no secrets as to how the make their selections. Are you involved in the betas?

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    I know I'm pulling up an extremely old thread, but I typed "gunslinger" into the search item and this is what it gave me.

    Basically I got the email asking me to apply, and wanted to find out more about it. I have also applied to present at AU this year for the first time, have presented at RTC (AUS) 4 times in the last 3 years. From what I have heard from those at RTC, AU is nowhere near the standard technically compared to RTC, and is more of a political/ networking event, it does look better on the resume, however, when talking to clients etc that aren't users at all. From what I have found out Gunslinger is an event I really want to get to as it means you can actually be heard and have some (still small I'd imagine) influence on the direction RMEP is heading. Also for me, living in the most isolated city in the world, it would give me personal contact with other "super users" making collaboration of ideas easier.

    The thing is, again as I am living in Perth, convincing work to fly me over there is going to be difficult. My immediate managers want me to go to AU, and looking at this want the same but convincing the upper management (the faceless men in other cities who actually think it is our marketing department that win us BIM jobs) is the difficult task. What I would like from some of you guys is exactly what Gunslinger is and how exclusive is it? (The more exclusive the more “prestigious“, and more likely I would get approval).

    As for why I like to help, firstly I wish I could do more, strict(ish) internet controls and time difference means I tend to get into a thread too late a lot of times. When I have answered queries here - put my 2c in so to speak, it has always got me thinking about things and often given me 2-3 more ideas on what I can do to improve my own workflow in the future.

    RTC is where I have done the most, and, from presenting, also learned the most through questions fired back at me. I am now in the process of putting together a group of 6-8 MEP guys that have been meeting at RTC over the last few years and want to set up and Australian network to share ideas as well. I've often been asked whether it is wise to release my content the way I do (or just the knowledge in a lecture scenario) and my answer is always that IPD isn't in the content but rather how you use it. Any "secrets" I may pass on to others also need to be implemented in their own office and that is where the valuable experience etc comes in, the family itself IMHO is virtually worthless. (OK my bosses don't necessarily agree with me, but they have to put up with it if they want me to keep pushing the company forward).

    Finally, what I actually wanted to be when I left school was a teacher, but was convinced that with my marks I could "do better" (horrible way of thinking), so I chose my second love which was engineering/ design. Now I'm glad because I am in a position where I can teach and I do get a thrill (and I admit occasionally an ego boost) when I can teach someone something new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daniel.morrison View Post
    What I would like from some of you guys is exactly what Gunslinger is and how exclusive is it? (The more exclusive the more “prestigious“, and more likely I would get approval).
    It's a very prestigious event. Where else would you be able to sit in a room, hammering on new features, with the developers themselves watching over your shoulders? The size is kept very small due to the lab environment you are working in. You are in a near 1:1 relationship with the developers at the event. They also encourage the use of your own models while testing the features, giving you a chance to expose the issues you have run into with your own models.
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    Daniel, if it helps... AU has featured an invitation only Gunslingers event for the last few years too.

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