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Thread: AutoCAD Help needs more help.

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    Default AutoCAD Help needs more help.

    Summary: Help that is actually helpful

    Description: I always feel dumb for trying to use Help.

    You should be able to go to Help to find usefull info. Most of the time, you enter a key word and only find non-related suggestions. You can enter some commands and there wont even be a single help item...

    Ask most users about AutoCAD Help and they will laugh and tell you not to bother trying it.

    Autodesk needs to reevaluate its Help files.

    Product & Feature: AutoCAD

    Submitted: Fri, 18 Nov 2011

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    Default Re: AutoCAD Help needs more help.

    I certainly agree with you - there is really no point using the help for even basic searchs as trying to find a relevant answer is too time consuming. I find it fair eaiser and quicker to google!

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