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Thread: Purchase of OLD or USED AutoCAD

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    Default Purchase of OLD or USED AutoCAD

    Hello, I have been trying to find a used (transfer of license) or old (2011) version of AutoCAD full commercial (NOT LT). Can anybody point me in a direction other than Ebay (where majority of the sellers are selling the FREE edu/academic copies... and is a waste of my time) or Amazon where they rarely come up (and the last one that did was a scam and did not ship... then the seller disappeared)

    EDIT: what is the online download (OEM) versions that I am coming across on the web ?

    thanks in advance
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    Default Re: Purchase of OLD or USED AutoCAD

    As a general rule - DON'T. Its not a used car.
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    Default Re: Purchase of OLD or USED AutoCAD

    Many listings are suggesting 'new' such as the Amazon listings. Used suggests ? registered to someone else ?

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    Default Re: Purchase of OLD or USED AutoCAD

    You can thank SCOTUS for deciding that the first sale doctrine does not apply to software. According to them, calling a software sale a 'license' (as most if not all vendors do) rather than a sale means that the software has no resale value, and cannot be resold without the permission and active voluntary cooperation of the original vendor.

    the original purchaser does NOT own the software; he has simply purchased the right to use it, under the terms the vendor determines to be most beneficial to the vendor. Since resale of software would compete with new sales, the vendors, in particular autodesk, refuse to permit that. Hence there is no legitimate way to obtain Acad other than a authorized dealer, direct from Adesk, or as a student version not usable for professional use.

    I could sell you my old CD's (since I own the physical media) but you would not be able to authorize the installation, or run it. (I believe if you purchase a company that has Acad seats, for a $1K fee Adesk will let you aquire those licenses -- otherwise to bad.)

    You can download a 30 day trila of most current Acad versions from the Adesk web-site. They are unlicensed, and un-authorized, and will time out after 30 days. There's also an OEM version that Autodesk provides to developers, so they can sell a product that uses the Acad engine as a stand-alone product.

    If the $3k-$4k price for a new Acad is too steep for your needs, you can look at one of the Intellicad products, or Ares Commander from Graebert, or Bricscad from Bricsys. I believe all of these support at least LISP programming. There's also the free-for-any-use Draftsight DWG compatible, which is based on Ares, but lacks LISP or other API access.
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