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Thread: Usage of {Custom x} layer modifiers

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    Question Usage of {Custom x} layer modifiers

    Hi there!,

    Please could one of you knowledgable people explain how the {custom 1}, {Custom 2} and {Custom 3} layer modifiers in the dwg export should be used. I hve got a feeling that they could be very useful to me, but I can't find any information anywhere of how to use them.

    All help greatfully recieved!



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    Default Re: Usage of {Custom x} layer modifiers

    Hi Dave,
    The custom modifiers can be used when you want to repeat the same value for multiple layers. It can be added as a prefix or a suffix to the layer name.
    For example in some countries they want to add the company name as a prefix to the layer name for the objects that they are responsible for, like “COMPANYX-A-WALL”, for cases like this the custom modifier can be used. The custom modifier can also be used as a discipline originator.
    To use it: Add the layer modifier {Custom X} to the categories you want it added to. (You can add it to all categories at once or add it to specific categories one by one). In the Modifiers section, enter the value for the modifier. During the export the value you entered for the modifier in the Modifiers section will be appended to the layer name in the exported file.

    Hope this explains it. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

    Anna Oscarson
    QA Analyst
    Autodesk, Inc.

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    Default Re: Usage of {Custom x} layer modifiers

    The custom modifiers are not 'smart' then, or is it possible to assign a new parameter to these so they add only to some layers based on specified parameter?

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