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Thread: GIS vs CAD

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    Cool GIS vs CAD

    I have been tasked with laying out a road map of when to send figures to GIS and when to send to CAD. I am the CAD Manager / Designer for an Environmental Engineering company. We do things such as design jobs (CAD no brainier) and Data Over Time for sampling (GIS). This is by no means an industry tit vs tat, this is something I have to do to divided work-flow between two departments. My company is in the process of doing more Design work and want the CAD Designers to focus on that. Letting GIS take some of the smaller Environmental reporting will help with workloads. My preference would be to hire a bunch of CAD guys and do it all under me,but I have to share based on company directives.

    We do things such as POT Maps, Well locations, SPCC, SWPPS, GWPP, Remediation design etc. Some of these are in a gray area of which dept needs to do it. Here is what I was thinking let me know what you think?

    CAD - When Dims are important (ie treatment system design)
    • When buildings are involved (ie adding piping to buildings for treatment systems, or storage of system)
    • When Field lines and Well headers are involved.
    • SPCC's SWPP's GWPP's type of reports
    GIS - Data over Time
    • Samples taken quarterly and same map used every time
    • Color Banding needed to show plumes and hot areas
    • Images used instead of drawings aka Google image as base map

    Combined Work-flow would be CAD do a Base Map for GIS of building, then GIS updates it with monthly reporting.

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    Default Re: GIS vs CAD

    Man.... how many forums you going to post this in. : )
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    Default Re: GIS vs CAD

    Just a couple of things. When I was doing envrironmental, I would do a fair amount of PLAN-AND-PROFILES <-- strictly cad. I know ARCGIS has a CORPS plugin, but it's far easier in AutoCAD. Creating a map book. I only did this once, but it was a fairly large site, and I made a 30x30 grid. Each of the grids was about 500'x500', so a good amount <--GIS.

    My 2 cents...

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    Default Re: GIS vs CAD

    If you want to do a CAD with GIS then just use AutoMap 3D. AutoCAD cannot be compared to ArcGIS because the have different architecture. AutoCAD is for drawings while GIS softwares are for maps.

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