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Thread: TOTAL COMPLETE, Revit Master Parameter List & Shared Parameters

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    Default TOTAL COMPLETE, Revit Master Parameter List & Shared Parameters

    Summary: TOTAL COMPLETE, Revit Master Parameter List, and Shared Parameters.

    Description: Currently the Revit_Master_Parameter_List.xls & Revit_Master_Shared_Parameter_v2.1.txt only has a few examples of how to create content and what information should be put under which parameter group.

    When one works within Revit and chooses a parameter group there are 37 Parameter groups to choose from (Analytical Model, Data, Electrical-Circuiting, Identity Data, Layers....etc)
    But when one looks at the supplied "Revit_Master_Parameter_List.xls" they only utilize a handful of these parameter groups.

    So, where is one supposed to put certain data??, if one reads the forums regarding content creation everybody is an "Expert" and Everybody does their own thing, some people use certain groups for this, and other for that, and there is no clear indication of what is actually correct.
    The issue comes in when different firms start to collaborate or when a firm downloads content from different sources, and then want to pull the data from the model, then people start asking questions about shared-parameters, and trying to combine or simplify the parameters and start trying to work out a standard. Very confusing stuff for the "Newbies",

    And the way I see it, Revit will eventually get to the stage, where one can just pop it into Ecotect / Navisworks, and say do "energy calculation", or "total energy consumption"...etc without having to do anything else.
    If there was a set standard and all the correct information was under the correct Parameter group, these analysis packages will be able to pull the data direct from the model and from the Families/Components, as it will know where to look for the information. (EG: when doing energy analysis Ecotect will know to look for the relevant information under the right group, and not under the "Other"-Group)

    And with one Standard, content will be more useful and save even more time for the parties involved. and will truly mean the death of all other BIM packages. As everything will always work as it should, seamlessly ..... no more combining of "Shared-Parameters" no more questions about shared-parameters (Which I'm sure you guys get a lot)

    Content can then be created now with all the relevant information in-place even if the "Analysis Software Packages" aren't ready for it yet, and when they are ready for it, the content will already be there, without having to go fix it.

    I would Suggest using something like the SP Writer, and to put every possible example in it... EVERYTHING from Electrical circuiting, Loads, Photometric... with all possible examples that one might come across, then if a person decides to model an certain family they can just export the relevant Parameters they need for that specific family.

    Rather give them more info than they desire and might need, instead of just giving them an short example and leaving it up to them to decide where what will go.

    If this SP-Writer with every possible parameter/info is supplied, you'll find that the content created will start to be more Standardized until it is all the same GLOBALLY, meaning that anyone can download content from anywhere, collaborate with anyone without the issue of standards or shared parameters, Making Autodesk Revit the best damn BIM package available.

    Product & Feature: Revit Architecture

    Submitted: Tue, 07 Feb 2012

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    Lightbulb Re: TOTAL COMPLETE, Revit Master Parameter List & Shared Parameters

    OpenRFA finally has the solution to this problem.

    Rather than creating yet another committee to manage a master shared parameters list for Revit, we are proposing an "open source" approach in which all users can contribute to the definitions. We have developed a web app with workflows that support these parameters to be managed by the BIM community. Users now have the ability to propose new parameters and discuss existing parameters. We want to hear what everyone has to say about everything from how we name parameters to how they are structured in groups.

    To anyone who might stumble across this old thread, please join us at OpenRFA and start contributing to Revit's first set of collaborative master shared parameters.
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