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Thread: color-coded parameters?

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    Default color-coded parameters?

    Color-coded parameters, wouldn't it be nice? I'm just saying, looking at a complex profile, for example, with anymore than a dozen parameter strings hanging off to the sides, it sure would be nice if the parameters could be color-coded to represent different groups of conditions.

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    How about color coordinated keynotes and keynote legends? I would find that handy since all our noting takes place as a spec call-out to a keynote legend on the sheet. Granted, it would require 0 to 26+ CSI colors, but I would only use a handful at a time.

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    Default Re: color-coded parameters?

    Now you can! Check out and try our ColorByNumber plugin for Revit. It allows you to color-code any category and any parameter set with colors automatically!
    Greg + Jack

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