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Thread: Annotation Symbols vs Scale

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    Default Annotation Symbols vs Scale

    I have an outlet receptacle and a data receptacle that are side by side. The annotation symbols that represent each outlet are centred on the Center (left/Right) reference plane. When the scales change, the annotation symbols change accordingly. (which is perfect)

    My problem is, when the scale does change, the annotation symbols become graphically incorrect in the sense that they become to far apart (at small scale) and to close together (at large scale).
    I need some solution that will maintain the distance between my annotation symbols, regardless of scale.

    Any Ideas??
    Thank you much in advance!!

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    Default Re: Annotation Symbols vs Scale

    I think they only way you can get that to work would be to have them as one family so when the scale changes, the distance between the symbols would change. But I could be wrong.
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