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Thread: Oce Reprodesk on virtual server

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    Default Oce Reprodesk on virtual server

    We decided to put our Oce Repro Desk software on a virtual server ourselves. After finding out we had to name the SQL database Repro_Desk, we actually had little problems with the install or the database transfer, except one major detail. We can't find where to change the Print Center server name to the new name/IP address. Does anyone know how we switch this?

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    Is there a reason you need a different IP? If you are using a windows domain you can link an host name to what ever you want in the DNS. There is also the possibility to link the device to the DHCP if you can get the mac address (statically assign an IP) if the sever just pics up a dynamic. I assume you looked through the users guide for where the option could be set.

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