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Thread: Preventing users from unloading links

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    Default Preventing users from unloading links

    So, we have the worksets of the linked models (both the instance and the definition of the link are in these worksets) editable by a certain user, so that prevents the typical user from moving or deleting any of the links. But, all it takes is somebody opening two local files of any of the models that are linked together, (so they can copy and paste stuff between them) and that person not being wise enough to not press OK when Revit says it has to unload that link in the current file, and the link is unloaded for everybody. Anybody have a way of locking it up so that links cannot be unloaded?

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    Default Re: Preventing users from unloading links

    you can't as such. we went down the path of creating individual worksets for each link, and i had ownership of those worksets as well. helped to a degree, but it's not an absolute solution.

    one thing though - bear in mind that you only lose information if a link is removed, not if it's unloaded. for instance, if you run a dim from a wall in a linked model, to a wall in your active model... if the link is unloaded, when it is reloaded your dim will still be there.

    having links unload can be a major, time consuming pain in the neck, but it's not super critical.

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