I have been updating our Revit 2012 pipe fitting library so the single line representations in medium view are more consistent and match our standard. I was hoping to scale up the waste fittings so they would have a more dramatic sweep than the copper and black pipe fittings. After looking into this, it appeared to be impossible due to the 'Pipe Fitting Annotation Size' (we set ours to 3/32"). I can change the fitting to show up larger, but because the pipes still come in to the 3/32" mark and creates little tails, it doesn't look right, so I didn't think it was possible. However, after importing the 'Wye Combination with 8th Bend - PVC - Sch 40 - DWV' family into our template, I saw it didn't adhere to the 3/32" size. It is set to use annotation scale, so I'm not sure how this works. I've seen one other comment online about this particular fitting being larger than others, but the comment had zero replies. Does anyone know how to build fittings that show up larger than the annotation size with the pipes connecting in the correct location? Thanks.