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Thread: 2013 download - files already extracted?

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    Default 2013 download - files already extracted?

    It appears the Revit 2013 download folder already contains the extracted install files instead of a single EXE file. Is this a result of using the ADSK Download Manager instead of just the browser download? Normally we have a folder on our server with the single EXE file. Should I save this entire folder with the extracted files to the server instead?

    I do plan on creating a deployment IF the deployment process has been improved from last year's version.

    *edit* normally I download the EXE file, and then when that file is run on a machine, the install files are all extracted to that local machine. Last year I created a deployment after the install files were extracted to my machine, which then saved the necessary install files back to the server. So I suppose I could just run the setup from my local machine now and create the deployment to be saved back to the server.
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