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    Default Revit Architecture

    I am trying to build a physical model of a house with various (17) pieces of a hip roof. Other than using auxillary views and projecting them out by hand to get the true size and shape of each piece, how can I do this on my Revit drawing file. I tried, unsuccessfully to plot out a roof plan and cut the pieces but they were to small. HELP!!! please.
    Thanks, Robin

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    Default Re: Revit Architecture

    Residential houses are notorious for having extremely complicated roof massing. Best thing to do is try to create most of the roof as a single piece with various slope-defining lines or possibly slope arrows. Then add other little pieces as needed.

    If you can attach/scan a hand sketch of the required roof form we may be able to give you more pointers.
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    Default Re: Revit Architecture

    Welcome to the forums Robin,
    So you're telling us you don't own a 3D printer?
    Why not create those auxiliary views in Revit?
    You can use the detail section view type. You won't be able to snap to roof geometry to align your sections but you can create ref planes if required and snap the views to those.
    Place all the oriented views onto a sheet and then plot and cut.
    You should only need one view for each unique plane and just crop the view so you see all roof pieces that are in the same plane.

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    Default Re: Revit Architecture

    Also, you could export the roof geometry to SketchUp and "unfold" it. There are a few unfolding scripts that you could use, or just do it manually. There is also a great little/inexpensive program called Pepakura,, for making paper models. It accepts OBJ, DXF, MQO, 3DS, LWO, STL, KML/KMZ, and DAE file formats. You could try it with DXF or translate it to one of the other formats through Autocad or SketchUp. I've used Pepakura before to make some faceted models and it is well worth it.

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