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Thread: Model Misalignment

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    Default Model Misalignment

    I need some help figuring out my problem. My colleauge and I are tag-teaming the clash detection on a particular project. When I created the initial Navis model, all the subcontractor's models aligned when appended, except for the architects model. His origin and rotation in Revit was different, so in Navis, I opened the "Units and Transform" box and reset the units and rotation to 0. This aligned all the models perfectly. I ran through all the clash batches, saved the file, and then passed it onto my colleague. The problem we are having is when he opens the .nwf on his computer, the architecture model appears in the spot it was appended to, out of position in relation to all the other models. When I open the .nwf on my computer, the models are aligned perfectly. What is causing the architecture model to translate out of place on my colleagues computer? Should I be using another method to translate the architecture model so this problem does not arise? I have double checked the "Units and Transform" box, and all the models are set to 0. I would appreciate any insights.


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    Default Re: Model Misalignment

    Has your colleague also selected the architect's model in HIS Navis session and set units and transform?

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    Default Re: Model Misalignment

    Set up the NavisWorks .nwf file and then save it as an .nwd file. Only one of you needs to open the .nwf file and have control over it. Everything else can be done from the .nwd. Clash reports, etc..

    If new files need to be added to the model, open the .nwf on your computer, append the files, and save it, then saveas .nwd for your partner to use.

    You can also try what crashfire451 suggested but, make sure anything you change on your model also gets changed on your partners model. Using the .nwd version takes away that problem.
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