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Thread: how do I customize the Elevation Tag

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    Default how do I customize the Elevation Tag

    What is the process for customizing the elevation tag family?
    I want to be able to use the out of the box arrows as well as our own arrow.
    I've spent alot of time loading our arrow into the "Elevation Mark Body_Circle" family but i get an error message that constraints are not satisfied. However I cannot determine what those constraints are?
    I started with the out of the box pointer and then just made modification to make it look like our arrow.
    even though I can get the tag into the project (even though the constraints were not satisfied) and get it to display our arrow, I cant get it to have different types that display each of the different arrows in the family.
    It just keeps showing our arrow even though I have created and swithced to a different type.
    Is there a step by step process that someone can provide us?



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    Default Re: how do I customize the Elevation Tag

    You need to be sure you align and locking the reference planes and not any linework in the pointer....and you also need to select the pointer in the elevation body and in the properties make sure it says pointer type.

    If you keep having issues you can upload your family and someone can take a look at what is going on...
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    Default Re: how do I customize the Elevation Tag

    _Elevation Mark Body_Circle_.rfa_Elevation Mark Arrow_Circle_.rfaI am not quite sure I understand your first sentence?
    Here are the 2 families.

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    Default Re: how do I customize the Elevation Tag

    We use a slight variation of the OOTB Bubble. All we did was change the size of the Circle from 1/3" to 3/8".
    The circle got smaller, but the text stayed in the same place, so now the Text is too far away.
    I tried to move it closer and and completely busted the whole thing.
    Do you know of a way to constrain the text?
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