Interested in hearing different firms practices on this. Since Revit's rebar capabilities are getting better I was thinking of starting to model the rebar in areas where we cut sections. My only concern is the final finished detail may not look the way our firm likes to see rebar detailed.

My first concern is that we have always shown rebar as a single line, rather then the actual rebar that is shown in the medium and fine detail levels. I know I can override the graphics but the problem lies when I want to dimension to the rebar to an outside face of wall. We call out min. and clear dimensions. When the rebar is shown as course, the dimension defaults to the center, so a 3" MIN. dimension increases depending on the size. Since I would use cover settings to place the rebar exactly, it would be difficult to move the centerline to the 3".

My second issue is how Revit will show staggered or overlapping rebar. In CAD or using detail lines I can offset overlapping lines and put a 0" dimension for clarity. How can I achieve this in Revit with modeled rebar. I assume I could pull or drag the rebar so it shows properly, but it would be modeled incorrectly and not in the proper location.

These are some major issues that have led my company to draw rebar as detail lines, rather then model it. I feel Revit is such a powerful program I should be modeling rebar, but graphically, it does not make sense. Any input on how other firm tackle their detailing would help out tremendously.