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Thread: Scheduling conduit run length AND degrees of bend?

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    Default Scheduling conduit run length AND degrees of bend?

    Revit 2011 here. Bold words are parameters.

    I'm trying to create a schedule to report the total length of conduit runs which have been 'named' by their comment parameter. I also need to track the total degrees of bend in these named conduit runs, and ideally I'd like to see this right alongside the total length of the run in the same schedule, but having difficulties getting this to work.

    For the first part, the conduit length; a simple "Conduit Runs" schedule with Comments and Length fields added and filtered and grouped by the Comments values takes care of this. I've checked the 'Calculate totals' box in formatting of the Length field to get a nice total conduit run length. This works fine.

    For getting the total degrees of bend in a run I've had to go about it in a slightly more convoluted way. I started with a "Conduit Fittings" schedule, but because the Angle parameter of a conduit elbow doesn't show up in the list of fields to be added to the schedule, I created a shared parameter called Degrees of bend and modified the conduit fittings family to add this new shared parameter and then set it equal to Angle parameter. Now back in my new Conduit Fittings schedules I can add Degrees of bend as a field and, like above, filtered and grouped by Comments, and with the 'Calculate totals' box checked for the Degrees of bend, results in a tidy schedule of the total degrees of bend in a given run.

    However, because these two schedules are different types, "Conduit Fittings" and "Conduit Runs", I can't figure out if there's a way to show both the degrees and length on the same schedule?

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    Default Re: Scheduling conduit run length AND degrees of bend?

    What you are trying to accomplish is not directly possible from what I can tell. But, does the attached image depict you intentions?


    I created two separate schedules (runs and fittings) and snapped them together. Since they are sorted identically (by Comments), their order will be the same except for one situation: If you have a conduit run that does not have any bends. In order to compensate for that, you can add a useless fitting (an endcap) that has that Bend Angle Shared Parameter with a set value to 0°.

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    Default Re: Scheduling conduit run length AND degrees of bend?

    Unfortunately that's kind of what I expected to hear, but thanks for the work around tip.

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