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Thread: Filtering Elevation Bubbles

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    Unhappy Filtering Elevation Bubbles

    floor plan.jpgfilter.jpgOn my General Floor Plans I would like to show elevation references to a typical detail for wall backing (to indicate where the backing is required).

    I would like to filter out this type of elevation bubble to hide the rest and I use the Family and Type to make on the filter rules. The filter works but not it only shows the bubble, it hides the arrow that indicate the elevation, please see attached images.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Default Re: Filtering Elevation Bubbles

    Elevation symbols have nested parts. I think you missed the part of creating a unique nested elevation tag for your new elevation symbol.

    You need to:

    1) Make a duplicate of an elevation symbol, which includes:...
    2) A duplicate of the elevation tag

    Then, you create a filter for Elevations, with visibility off, for those elevations that are not equal to [your new elevation symbol]. The result is that only your new elevation symbol will be visible in that view.
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